Protect Trees | 7 Oldest Trees in the World

Image Credit: Samantha Durfee

Here we are going to talk about 7 oldest trees in the world. We all know & believe that trees are very important to our lives in many ways. Actually, without trees we are nothing. Trees are a part of our life cycle. But, in the modern world, everything has changed and ruining trees rapidly. When we consider about protecting trees, many scientists have researched the oldest trees in the world.

Age has identified basically through the patterns of the parts of the trees and many more facts. So, based on those facts, people who practice science have researched what are the oldest trees in the world. Below are the 7 oldest trees people have identified based on the above facts. There may be older trees than these in the world. But these are the identified 7 oldest trees in the world.

7. Llangernyw Yew

Llangernyw Yew tree image
photo source:  Wikimedia Commons  

More than 4000 yeas old this tree can be seen in wales in England and situated in a church area. As the middle of the tree has decayed and the parts of this tree have been re-planted outside, now it’s quite difficult to say the exact age of this tree. More than 1000 years old written records also available about the tree in church. This tree is associated with mythology in Wales as well. This tree was appreciated among the oldest trees in the world in 2002 during Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee ceremony.

6. Methuselah

Methuselah tree image
photo source: Dasity Corker

The tree, which is proven to be 4789 years old, was considered the oldest tree in the world until 2012. This tree is located in White Mountain, California’s Inoue County. But scientists haven’t revealed to the world exactly what this old tree is like. Because if you do that, it can hurt the tree. The tree may have looked like a plant in America even before the Egyptians built the pyramids. In 2003, Gerard Millarch was granted permission to excavate this tree for scientific purposes.

5. Prometheus

Prometheus tree image
photo source: mostly harmless

This tree, discovered in 1964, is believed to be 4850-4900 years old. This pine tree was the 5th of the 7 oldest trees in the world and located among the oldest trees in Wheeler Park, Nevada, USA. This tree is no longer alive. Investigate this tree in 1964 Cooray’s allowed. He has started searching for age carelessly by cutting the tree from lower. Scientists have suggested that the tree may be over 4900 years old because of the bad weather conditions in the area ages ago. There is a cut of this tree displayed in that park. Anyone who wants to look at it today can look at the age of the waves in the tree.

4. Unnamed Great Basin Bristlecone Pine

Unnamed Great Basin Bristlecone Pine tree image
photo source:  Wikipedia

This is one of the oldest trees in the world considered as a single tree. Scientists believe that this tree is 5072 years old. A researcher obtained a piece of the tree for research in 2010, but he died suddenly. Scientists haven’t yet to confirm the age of the tree, other than the researcher’s data.

3. Old Tjikko

This tree, called Mount Spruce, is 3rd of the 7 oldest trees in the world and located on the hill Fulufjallet, Sweden. This tree is over 9550 years old. And this tree is still alive and well. This tree is a new kind of tree with a new root trunk grown on it. The roots of this tree are more than ten thousand years old as discovered. It is considered as a tree brought by the people who migrated to this area early. Research on this tree has suggested that Sweden may have been a warmer country than now at the time the tree first appeared in Sweden.

2. Jurupa Oak

Jurupa Oak bush image
photo source:  Wikipedia

This tree, known as Jurupa oak or Parmer oak, has been on the planet for 13,000 years, recurring and growing. This tree is in the Jurupa Mountains of California, USA. When you look outside this living tree, it looks like bushes. The tree is spread over 2.5 kilometres from the roots and belongs to more than 70 different subsets. The tree is only about one meter tall, like a normal bush. Although this tree has once blossomed, it is propagated by recurring roots and buds.

1. Pando

photo source:  Wikimedia Commons  

Eighty thousand years old and keeping the 1st place out of 7 oldest trees in the world. Eighty thousand years ago some parts of the earth were empty without people. These ancient Pando trees are in the Fishlake National Park in Utah, USA. These Pandos are the oldest living trees in the world, as well as the oldest living creature in the world. In these trees too, the tree is formed by an underground root system and buds. Experts say that the Pando, which became the world’s first tree-lined tree, is now going down the spreading. They say that the local human activities and animals are slowing down the propagation of the tree.

Although animals, trees and everything changed accordingly with time, some trees stayed on their roots for years and years and may have provided food and shelter for thousands of different animals in over generations. So, Don’t think twice to save a tree. Plant more trees. Love them more than ever. Protect them as life.