The worst viruses in the world 

The things we heard from the beginning of 2020 are not so good. It finally ended February, along with the rapidly spreading Coronavirus, which is still untreated. The virus has been able to intimidate the whole world by now. It all started in China 2 months ago. And now the infection has spread all over Asia, Europe and most of the world. We hope that scientists and medical specialists will find a cure for this terrible virus, and all those infected with the virus will heal soon and save this world.

However, here I’m not going to talk only about Corona. These are just a few of the deadly viruses that still affect the world, including Corona. Although the names are familiar, you may not know the info about these viruses. So let’s read about these deadly viruses.

1. Rabies

Image Credit: Tomas Quiroga

Rabies is a deadly virus and enters the body through the bite of an infected animal. Or through the eyes, nose, or mouth of an infected animal. It usually takes one month to three months to show symptoms after being infected. The primary symptom is fever. When the disease increases, there are signs like severe behavior, fear of water, and difficulty in shaking the body. Rabies can be prevented by adequately vaccinating animals. So, if an animal behaves differently than usual, it’s better to keep away from them. As well as, make sure your loving pets are getting vaccines at the right time.

2. HIV

Image Credit: Alberto Giacomazzi

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, which is one of the most dangerous viruses in the world. This virus damages the immune system. It can cause various inflammatory conditions in the body and cause death. HIV comes to the body through blood, breast milk, sperm, and vaginal or rectal fluids. Although this is not currently curative, treating proper treatments can control the disease and hope for the rest of the life of an average person. AIDS is one of the worst stages of the disease. By not taking adequate treatment for HIV can lead to AIDS, which weakens the immune system.

3. Dengue

Dengue fever is a common disease transmitted by mosquitoes. The common symptoms of dengue fever are fever, headache, vomiting, and joint pains. Treatments can cure this disease. But if you have a dengue hemorrhagic condition, it’s a bit more serious. Dropping platelet count in the blood can cause death through internal bleeding. Symptoms begin to show up within six to fourteen days after the mosquito attacks. Already there is an immunization for dengue, but it is not available in all countries. The best way of preventing dengue is by keeping the environment clean and free of mosquitoes. 

4. Rotavirus 

Image Credit: Tatiana Shepeleva

Rotavirus is an infectious disease spread by the skin. Mainly this causes diarrhea through children. Although it is possible to control the condition by ingesting fluids in the early stages of the disease, you need to go for treatments in the event of severe dehydration. This dehydration situation is one of the worst stages of this disease. Rotavirus causes 215,000 child deaths annually in developing countries. Giving vaccines to the baby at the age of 2 months can prevent Rotavirus.

5. Ebola

Image Credit: John Moore / Getty Images

Ebola is a deadly virus, mainly among the African countries. Identified Ebola for the first time in 1976 along the Ebola River in Congo. Ebola virus can transmit through infected animals, humans, or infected and dead humans or animals. Symptoms can show up within two to twenty days after being infected. Primary symptoms are fever, joint pain, and can be caused by up to diarrhea when the virus grows inside the body.

6. Marburg

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Marburg virus was discovered in 1967 for the first time. Infected to some German laboratory workers in the year of 1967. They are affected by the monkeys imported from Uganda for laboratory tests. This virus can cause death by malfunctioning organs through high fever and internal bleeding. Although it showed only 25% death of infected people in the first instance, the second and third stages show a high death rate.

7. Corona

Corona is a name we often hear these days. This Coronavirus originates from China. The outbreak of the Coronavirus has begun with the eating of snakes. And after that, different opinions also have been heard about it. However, no country has yet managed to find a cure for this deadly virus. Initially, it was suspected to be transmitted by breath, but they are still unable to tell the exact way of spreading the virus. Symptoms include fever, colds, and shortness of breath. Almost all the medical specialists are searching for a cure for this now. I hope they will find a cure soon as the death toll goes high day by day. Be safe, everyone.